• Giovanni Picariello Place

    by Boston Modern Pastry Giovanni Picariello Place
    The honorary City of Boston street sign designates “Giovanni Picariello Place” outside the landmark pastry shop.
  • North End Boston Food Tour

    by Boston Modern Pastry North End Boston Food Tour
    Modern is a fabulous, family-owned Italian bakery that is filled with delicious sweets and treats just waiting to be consumed.
  • Eater Boston: Pre-Cannoli Beer and Burgers

    by Boston Modern Pastry Eater Boston: Pre-Cannoli Beer and Burgers

    Modern Pastry had the genius idea to open a bar underneath its North End location, because what goes together better than beer and burgers followed (or even preceded) by one of Boston’s longtime top cannoli contenders?

  • Visiting New England

    by Boston Modern Pastry Visiting New England
    While many famous Boston area Italian bakeries have retained high standards, none of them match the stay-true-to-your-roots presence of Modern Pastry.
  • Boston Globe: Torrone

    by Boston Modern Pastry Boston Globe: Torrone
    Torrone, as nougat is known in Italy, is mind-blowing stuff: chewy, packed with roasted nuts, and suffused with the flavor of honey.
  • Globe Mag: Lobster Tail

    by Boston Modern Pastry Globe Mag: Lobster Tail

    This enormous indulgence is a crunchy pastry horn piped full of Chantilly cream, a combination of whipped and yellow creams with a savory hint of ricotta.