Our Story

family photo of Pina, Johnny, and Rosaria

Award winning and family owned Italian pastry shop

To all new and loyal patrons, thank you!

For generations, our doors would not have stayed open if it were not for your love and support. From the multi-tiered cake to the one cookie we bake, we put in an equal amount of energy and joy. It brings us pleasure that we can share our passion through our crafts and sweets.

We as a community have faced a lot of up and downs, and we know those downs can be really hard, but know that we take every situation you bring to us seriously and thrive to only put out products of quality and tradition. For many years and the future to come, we will continue to share our love and invite all who would like to join us for drinks and sweets.
We look forward to seeing you!
Modern Pastry Family

Established in 1930, on Hanover Street in the historic North End of Boston. The Picariello family came from Italy with ambitions to share authentic recipes, culture, and hospitality. To this day, we take pride with practicing our old-world methods of over 150 years and collaborating with new world recipes to develop the pastries that wins the hearts of Boston and friends alike.

We cherish being a part of your special moments. Whether it is big or small, our cakes, pastries, and confectionary are great for all occasions and life celebrations.

In Memoriam

GiovanniĀ Picariello - March 17, 2015